Packaging Division

Codchem® manufactures high quality flexible plastic packaging serving the following marketing sectors

Agriculture Planting pockets, banana sleeves, mushroom bags, cotton picking bags, early seed bed covers
Beverages Shrink-wrap sheeting, Bailers. Auto-pack sheeting
Butcheries & Abattoirs 5 , 10, 20 and 25kg utility bags
Mining Sample bags
Construction Black and clear sheeting, danger warning tapes
Hospitals Bin liners, pedal bins
Hotels Utility bags, bin liners, dry cleaner bags
Supermarkets Carrier bags, utility bags
Dairies Milk bags, milk auto-pack, bailers
Clothing Fashion bags, carrier bags, utility bags
Furniture Chair covers, mattress covers
Funeral parlors Planting pockets, bin liner, black sheeting
Fertilizers producers Liners, fertilizer bags
Transporters Bin liners, accessory bags, black sheeting
Millers Mealie  meal bags
Manufacturers Utility bags, salt, sugar, beans, bailers , heavy duty bags